Allendale Golf Course is set amidst spectacular scenery in the heart of The North Pennines AONB, and the Club is committed to sustaining and widening our close relationship with the natural environment.  The golfing experience at Allendale thus offers everyone a wealth of opportunities to enjoy a rich mix of interesting and rare wildlife at first hand.

We want to promote and develop our wildlife heritage and, with this aim in mind, we have signed up to the Wildwatch project that the North Pennines AONB has initiated.  WildWatch is a 3 year long programme to establish an active and sustained culture of wildlife recording, monitoring and conservation across the North Pennines area.

Information about how golfers, both members and visitors, can contribute to WildWatch is displayed in the Clubhouse foyer.  Sightings can be entered in the Wildwatch diary provided there.  They will subsequently be entered on the WildWatch website.  Reference material is also available in the Clubhouse to help with the identification of wildlife – birds, animals, wildflowers, fungi, etc.

Visit North Pennines AONB for further information.