The ninth - Studdon Straight

The 9th – Studdon Straight

This relatively straightforward par 3 plays long due to some dead ground in front of the green.  The bunker should not present a problem as it comes more into play on the 18th.  A flat green, no trees, no punishing rough – a good birdie opportunity; perhaps.

Men’s Par 3 – Stroke Index 16

Ladies Par 3 – Stroke Index 13

149 yards White – 147 yards Yellow – 144 yards Red

Studdon Straight is so named because the land above the golf course is called High Studdon and the 9th fairway points in a straight line to its upper reaches.  This apparently straightforward shot can prove frustrating –  Anything short stays there whilst any over-exuberance will be rewarded with a fleeting visit to the putting surface.  Once you arrive, be aware that it is the fastest green on the course but don’t let that put you off.

The ninth - Studdon Straight

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