Reciprocal deals

We are constantly seeking ways to add benefits to membership of Allendale Golf Club.  Promoted  as Home of Golf in the Wild, there is now an initiative to establish reciprocal arrangements with clubs that are mentioned in the first book and those in the forthcoming sequel – Golf in the Wild – Going Home.

The first of these was Carrbridge Golf Club, just north of Aviemore. Displaying your AGC membership tag will permit 3 rounds per visiting member per year at the guest rate which is £12.50 for 18 and £8 for 9 – a significant reduction against the standard rates.

Durness Golf Club have also kindly agreed to join the scheme – AGC members can play up to ten rounds per year at £10 per round for 18 or 9 holes.

The most recent addition is Traigh Golf Club.  Proof of Allendale membership (bag tag) will provide access to the course at the guest rate of £10 each for a maximum of five rounds per year.

While not exactly local, it is hoped that as more clubs will be added to the list which might encourage members to do some part of the Golf in the Wild Tour.  This page will be updated as more clubs  are included in the scheme.

Robin Down
AGC Hon. Treasurer