Hole 4 - The Throstle

The 3rd – Chimney

A downhill par 3 with commanding views but don’t be distracted. Great care is needed in all directions – too far left and you are over the wall and out of bounds – too far right and there are trees and a deep gully – too long and you will need crampons to get back up to the green.  Straight down the chimney stack and on the green is the safest bet, if you can.

Men’s Par 3 – Stroke Index 6

Ladies Par 3 – Stroke Index 11

187 yards White – 187 yards Yellow – 187 yards Red

Everything about this hole is on a vertical plane – a portrait rather than landscape view.  The approach to the green is framed by trees right and left and the eye is drawn upwards to the hill opposite, where sits the Allenmill chimney after which this hole is named.  The top of another chimney, set further back, is also just visible on clear days.  The chimneys and their 4000 yard flues were built to vent sulphur, a by product of the Allenmill lead ore smelting process. From this high tee, imagine floating a ball down the mouth of a chimney.

Allendale Golf Club – imaginative golf for over a hundred years.

The third - Chimney