The sixteenth - The Crossing

The 16th – The Crossing

The sixteenth is the same a the seventh. It is the same length as the fifth and from the tee box looks relatively straightforward and surprisingly flat but you would be wrong. Half way along the fairway there is a deep gully which suddenly drops 20 feet; down there everything disappears from view.  Big hitters should be wary of going for the green – to the right there is a severe drop with punishing rough – better to go left.  This second walk down and up the gully will demand more oxygen before attempting that delicate chip to the green!

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 17

Ladies Par 4 – Stroke Index 10

249 yards White – 241 yards Yellow – 233 yards Red

When there is a strong wind blowing from the west, even a moderate driver might reach the 16th green but this is only part of the story:

There are a few fortunate mortals who never drive badly, but there is no such thing as an entirely trustworthy putter, nor would there be if the hole were made as big as a soup plate.  Nemo omnibus horis sapit, which means everybody misses the short ones sometimes.”
Bernard Darwin on Golf – Out of the Rough, 1932.