Hole 1 - Long Reach

The 1st – Long Reach

Long Reach is the longest hole on the course.  Beware of the out of bounds wall on the  left – better to play too far right.  Also don’t pitch too long on to the green, the drop off the back and the rough is punishing – a baptism by fire especially when there is a strong wind coming in from the west.

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 2

Ladies Par 5 – Stroke Index 3

413 yards White – 406 yards Yellow – 406 yards Red

When there is strong westerly, which there frequently is and when there is a chill rain in the air, which is more often than not, this opening hole is tough.  When the sun shines it remains tough.  But when there is thunder on the horizon, follow Lee Trevino’s advice:

“When I am on a golf course and it starts to rain and lightning, I hold up my 1 iron, ‘cause I know even God can’t hit a 1 iron”

The first - Long Reach