Hole 10 - Centennial

The 10th – Centennial

A shorter version of the first, this is still a tough hole in the prevailing west wind.  The out of bounds wall is harder to reach but a well struck hook can still join the sheep or slither into the ditch in front. And remember,  don’t go long off the back of the green or you’ll be sorry.

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 5

Ladies Par 5 – Stroke Index 2

334 yards White – 330 yards Yellow – 326 yards Red

Centennial is a reminder that the club has now existed for over a 100 years.  Turn your back to the tenth fairway and you will see time marching on in the shape of the clock kindly donated to the club by Allendale Co-operative Society in our centenary year, 2006.  Long before 1906, writing in 1794, Bailey and Culley observed that in Northumberland the westerly winds ‘often blow with tempestuous fury, dash out the corn and disappoint the just hopes of the industrious farmer’.  They might have added, ‘it plays hell with the golf swing too’.


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