The twelfth - Crow's Nest

The 12th – Crow’s Nest

The same green as the third but an altogether different approach from a high tee position.  Whereas  the third is an ominous experience, this is full of possibilities.  A straight shot over the trees is one option but land on the bank in front of the green and there is always the possibility of the ball gathering into the hole.  Amongst the members, this is one of the favourites on the course; perhaps because an ace is just a possibility.

Men’s Par 3 – Stroke Index 9

Ladies Par 3 – Stroke Index 12

132 yards White – 132 yards Yellow – 132 yards Red

The Crow’s Nest is a real gem.  From the elevated tee, the green looks very inviting but it would be a very ‘accurate’ floating shot that landed directly on the green and bounced into the hole.  The Northern Rock shot is the one most likely to yield spectacular results – aim left and look for the run on the bank.  With no apologies to Adam Applegarth – we are still waiting for his.

“All men are created equal.  I’m just one stroke better than the rest”  Gene Sarazen.

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