The sixth - Hawk's Drift

The 6th – Hawk’s Drift

From the par 5 white tees aim up the hill towards the marker post.  From the yellows and reds, a drive over the trees is recommended or slightly to the left as the sloping fairway will gather the ball to the right.  A gulley traverses the fairway; end up down there and even the tall indicator flag on the green disappears from view.  You can use the slope on the left of the green to gather the ball to the flag but avoid the copse.

Men’s Par 5 – Stroke Index 10 (Par 4 off Yellows)

Ladies Par 4 – Stroke Index 5

450 yards White – 311 yards Yellow – 304 yards Red

The impact of so called wind drift on raptor migration has been known for some time.  In 1902 C. C. Trowbridge wrote that “Hawks drift with the wind when soaring, and as they soar continually, their movements during migrations are largely dependent on the direction of the wind”.  The same is true of the humble golf ball.

The sixth - Hawk's Drift

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