The eighth - Catton Dogleg

The 8th – Catton Dogleg

A challenging dogleg where big hitters go for the gap in the trees or even the green. If you are unsure it is better to play safe to the right of the trees although the elevated tee does provide some scope to go over the top.  “Would be” big hitters lose a lot of balls here.  The green slopes viciously to the back – don’t pitch long.

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 8

Ladies Par 4 – Stroke Index 7

308 yards White – 300 yards Yellow – 300 yards Red

There is a real opportunity to birdie and even eagle the eighth if you are a long hitter with a steady nerve.  you may never see your ball again.

Bear in mind the experience of Mr Malthus, an honorary member of the Suicide Club.  “Fear is the strong passion; it is with fear that you must trifle if you wish to taste the most intense joys of living.  Envy me, envy me sir for I am a coward!”

Every time the ace of spades was dealt to another player, Mr Malthus found the relief so intoxicating, he “trifled once too often with the terrors” and drew the card of death at last.
Try going over the beech trees instead.

The eighth - Catton Dogleg
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