The fifteenth - Perdition

The 15th – Perdition

It is but a short walk from the 14th to Perdition. This is the hardest par 4 hole on the course.  A good long drive can all too easily place you in the gulley and behind the trees about 220 yards down the fairway.  Aim to the left of the telegraph pole otherwise the slope may gather your ball into the semi rough on the right.  From behind the trees on the fairway it is still a long shot to the green.  A safe lay up over the trees can be tempting, then at least you should have sight of the green.

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 1

Ladies Par 5 – Stroke Index 4

397 yards White – 392 yards Yellow – 387 yards Red

As in life disaster and final judgement are but a short distance from triumph and elation.  The 15th is the hardest hole on the course but no matter how hard, surely it is better to play than not at all, for that would be true perdition:

Remember the story of the fanatical golfer who died and found himself on the most beautiful golf course imaginable with rows of shining clubs to choose from.  He contentedly concluded that some fortunate mistake had been made by the recording angel and that he must be in heaven after all.  But then his caddie, a slight figure with narrow red eyes, enlightened him – there are no balls.

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