Hole 4 - The Throstle

The 4th – The Throstle

Be sure not to play the 13th by mistake – the 4th tee is further down the hill.  You have now reached the bottom of the course and the fairway slopes severely down to the left for the first 200 yards.  Skim the left of the trees if you can or a shot over them onto the 13th fairway works well.  The fairway is more or less flat for the last 150 yards but the green slopes to the left – play to the right and hope for a friendly bounce – this green is not receptive!

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 4

Ladies Par 4 – Stroke Index 1

379 yards White – 374 yards Yellow – 369 yards Red

Throstle is an old term for a thrush, especially a song-thrush.  It was also the name taken by the cottage that has been renovated and stands just across the road from the 4th fairway.  The name becomes even more romantic since the ‘new’ cottage was bought for a Russian ballerina.

The fourth - The Throstle
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