Hole 2 - Penny Black

The 2nd – Penny Black

A short par 3 with a small green which makes the Postage Stamp at Troon look gigantic. Better to be too short than too long as this elevated green sits in front of a row of trees and unplayable rough where balls can be all too easily lost.

Men’s Par 3 – Stroke Index 14

Ladies Par 3 – Stroke Index 17

123 yards White – 119 yards Yellow – 115 yards Red

Penny Black (and Penny Red on the back nine) prove, if proof were needed, that long holes and large multi-layered greens are not the be all and end all of golf.  Matt Osborne is an architect with Harradine Golf in Dubai and explains it succinctly: “So with the plethora of new championship courses hitting the market, the question remains, what happened to the regular golf course?  The fun golf course that was not too long so that even the punter had a chance to make par or maybe even a birdie?  The joy of playing a few holes well is surely greater than playing a course simply because of its name or stature.  More courses need to be built with the idea to entertain golfers, definitely not to punish them”.

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The second - Penny Black
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