The seventeenth - Grand Canyon

The 17th – Grand Canyon

Just when you think you have the perfect round in the bag, here comes the seventeenth.  Try not to be put off by the yawning chasm, it is less than 150 yards across to the green, it just looks further.  Should you not make it, there is a drop zone on the far edge of the 8th fairway, adjacent to the new plantation.  The slippery green runs down to the left but if you are lucky or a bit of a genius, you may end up beneath the hole for a birdie up hill putt.

Men’s Par 3 – Stroke Index 7

Ladies Par 3 – Stroke Index 8

157 yards White – 154 yards Yellow – 151 yards Red

Tommy “Thunder” Bolt died in 2008 aged 92.  The winner of 15 PGA tournaments and the US Open in 1958, he possessed one of the sweetest swings ever seen.  Perversely though, he was actually far better known for his on course tantrums with a habit of flinging his clubs away after a bad shot, “it thrills crowds to see a guy suffer” he once explained.  So when you next top a ball into the Grand Canyon at the 17th, consider Tommy’s experience:

“Here’s irony for you, the driver goes the shortest distance when you throw it, the putter flies farthest, followed by the sand wedge”.

The seventeenth