The thirteenth - Isaac's Trail

The 13th – Isaac’s Trail

This a friendlier version of the 4th.  The tee position places you above the steep slope further down the hill so a straight shot down the upper fairway is the least problematic.  However, go too far off the tee and the line of small trees beyond the dip come into play.  A draw round the large trees and onto the flatter part of the 4th fairway is another option, if you know how!  The green remains as unreceptive as the first time around.

Men’s Par 4 – Stroke Index 3

Ladies Par 5 – Stroke Index 6

404 yards White – 396 yards Yellow – 390 yards Red

This hole is named after the 11 mile themed trail that runs adjacent to the lower reaches of the course.  Isaac Holden was an itinerant tea seller and philanthropist of the 19th Century.  A former lead miner he walked from his Allendale grocery shop selling his wares in Sinderhope, Nenthead, Alston, Kirkhaugh, Ninebanks and Whitfield.  The trail celebrates the route he took and his philanthropic endeavours which included raising money to buy a
horse drawn hearse for the parish of West Allen.