March 2 Matfen

Junior Sports – Allendale

A quite remote rural community of some 2,000 people, Allendale is located in the heart of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Golf Club is one of several organisations in the village that strive successfully to provide excellent and enjoyable sporting opportunities for the youngsters within the community.

The Junior Golf section is run entirely by volunteers, supported by a visiting professional whose coaching is funded by the Golf Foundation and a County group called Active Northumberland.  Last year, the Golf Club also benefited from the generous support of a local business sponsor and from the fundraising efforts of the Junior members’ parents and families.

The Golf Club does not act in isolation – other Junior sporting representatives in  Allendale, including  Cricket, Football, Badminton, and Tennis , have met with AGC’s junior organiser such that all events are coordinated to avoid date clashes as well as encouraging cross-promotion of all sports.  To this end we are posting information related to junior All Stars Cricket – see below for details: