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Following a meeting at Stocksfield on 18th February,  Allendale Golf Club will continue as members of the Tyne Valley Golf Alliance in 2016.  However, as a consequence of the significant reduction in overall visitor green fees in 2015, it has been agreed that a reciprocal charge of £5 will be imposed for all TVGA visitors playing at Allendale and consequently a £5 charge will be imposed for AGC members playing at other TVGA courses.  The £8 charge for subsequent visits at Allendale and elsewhere is unchanged.

This was accepted by other clubs as they recognise that TVGA operates on the basis of an unequal partnership i.e. rarely do we gain any additional income from the bar from visiting parties and, as we operate an honesty box, the arrangement is more open to abuse. Haltwhistle are in a similar position but charge £10 for distribution of the card to members.

This arrangement will be reviewed at the end of the season to understand the impact on green fee income.  In the meantime it is hoped that our members understand the need for this arrangement and still appreciate the benefits – a £5 green fee to play at a range of other clubs is still a good deal (for full adult members only).

(I have deliberately left the comments option open for this post if members would like to provide feedback).

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  1. Well, Ive read this twice. Am I right in thinking I get a card to play but pay a one time £5 to allendale golf club? Also does the £8 comment mean that we pay £8 green fees if we visit another club for a second and subsequent times?

    1. Thanks for the query Ron. To be clear:
      1. TVGA visitors to Allendale will pay £5 for the first visit and £8 for subsequent visits.
      2. Allendale members going to another course pay £5 for the first visit and £8 for subsequent visits.

      As a member of Allendale you pay nothing for receipt of the card. The £8 rate for subsequent visits has not changed from previous years.

      Hope this makes things clearer.

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