2016 Subscription Pre Payment Scheme

Hi Everyone,

As most of you are aware we like to offer the option to pre pay next year’s subs over four monthly instalments, and we usually offer a discount by keeping the subs at the previous year level.

This year, however, we are committed to holding the 2016 subs at the 2015 level, so we have decided to offer a different incentive to you all in the form of a Free Four Ball voucher which you can use to invite friends, family, and colleagues to try Allendale Golf Club during 2016.

To qualify for your gift voucher simply let me have four post dated cheques (Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.) for £70 each. As you know this scheme helps the club financially by allowing us to meet our committments during the winter when our other income is severely restricted.

Please either send the cheques to me or pop them into the payment box at the club in an envelope addressed to me and I will be delighted to issue the vouchers in time for Christmas.

Please don’t forget the Millennium Trophy annual Pie ‘n Pea lunch – 27th September – get your tickets a.s.a.p. before they sell out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy golfing.

Best regards,

Colin Wraith
Curlew Cottage
4 Wentworth Place
NE47 9BX