Busy as a bee …

Your can tell there is snow on the course, the Treasurer/Webmaster is finally getting around to some much needed maintenance of the website.  The following changes have been applied:

  • The Membership Form has now been updated for 2015 to include the revised prices – encourage people to join!
  • The course descriptions have been corrected – there were some anomalies with the Ladies’ stroke indexes – well spotted Ian-L Plate 🙂
  • We have gone all retro with the home page grid images – I am getting positive feedback so may just do the same for all the course images.
  • The Ladies’ Opens information has been extended and corrected but still some work to do to finalise the other Open events.
  • The course descriptions will soon contain images of the sponsor boards – there is a new one for the first, on the website but not on the course yet.

If in your travels around the website you spot any other errors be sure to let me know.  I am at my most responsive in the winter although I can understand the attraction of hibernation 😉

The light is returning folks!

Image of bees by: “Todd Huffman – Lattice” Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.