Snow in them hills … *

The snow is falling, the course is empty so there are no excuses, I have been obliged to sit in front of the PC and do some dirty work – the home page of this website has been updated.  The stock photos of golfers’ feet and shiny irons have been replaced with views of our glorious course.  The black and white images may not appeal to all but  TWHHP – The Webmaster Has His Privileges 🙂

More importantly, the opens, fixtures and newsletter buttons behind the black and white images have also been updated – take a look – some of the detail is missing but be sure to keep these dates free!

In my meanderings around cyberspace, I came across this gem from Jonathan Meades (it is one of three) which denigrates everything about golf that Allendale and Golf in the Wild isn’t – so that’s just fine. Stick with it to the end of the first clip and you may understand why junior membership is in decline – although not at Allendale!

* With apologies to Ron Sexsmith

IMPORTANT – the 2015 membership renewal notices have been issued to those with registered email addresses – if you have not received this, please get in touch with Colin Wraith –