Golf in the Wild

Allendale Golf Club takes centre stage in this golfing odyssey which starts in the hills of Northumberland and heads north through Border Reiver country towards Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. The route meanders along the high road to Mull, Skye and heads further north along the sharp edges of Scotland’s Atlantic coast. A journey through time and place, it comes highly recommended by your Treasurer and The Times (Norman Harris). Available from the clubhouse, Cogito Books, Hexham and FORUM Books, Corbridge at £8.99.

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This is a “must read” for anyone connected with AGC, and makes a super present for those members of our community who have had contact with us in the past – Colin Wraith (Chairman)

After last night, it is good to know that you can still undertake the journey described in this book without a passport.


Without wishing to take sides, this extract from the wisdom of the Likely Lads (Series 1, Episode 7) has some relevance 🙂

Bob: I bet we could go right round the world and you’d have a pat response ready.

Terry: I’ve travelled man, I’ve seen a bit of the world now you know.

Bob: What do you think of Koreans, for instance?

Terry: Not to be trusted. Cruel people. Much the same as all Orientals.

Bob: That’s a third of the world’s population dismissed in a phrase. Russians?

Terry: Sinister.

Bob: Egyptians?

Terry: Cowardly.

Bob: Oh? I thought you might have saved that for Italians.

Terry: No, no, they’re greasy aren’t they? Not as greasy as the French mind.

Bob: Germans?

Terry: Arrogant.

Bob: Spaniards?

Terry: Lazy.

Bob: Danes?

Terry: Pornographic.

Bob: Well that’s just about everyone. Oh, Americans?

Terry: Well, they’re flash aren’t they?

Bob: So it’s just down to the British is it?

Terry: Well, I haven’t got much time for the Irish or the Welsh, and the Scots are worse than the Koreans.

Bob: And you never could stand Southerners.

Terry: To tell you the truth I don’t like anybody much outside this town.

Terry: And there’s a lot of families in our street I can’t stand either. Come to think of it I don’t even like the people next door.

Bob: I see, so from the distant blue Pacific through the barren wastes of Manchuria, to 127 Inkerman Terrace, you can’t abide anyone.

Independence for High Studdon?